Why Cover?

Custom Cover Upholstery discovered a problem that plagued many wineries, during the harvest season. Most wineries that fermented in open top tanks used dirty, hard to manuever plastic sheets to cover their product. Some even left their tanks open to the elements! CCUI began to manufacture open top tank covers that made protecting and servicing the tanks effortless during fermentation. Using a patent pending design, our covers are made of strong, durable materials with hold down loops sewn in.These covers seal each tank from outside elements such as dust, dirt, and vermin.

Contact Information

For West Coast Distribution
Custom Cover Upholstery Inc

For East Coast Distribution
Ring Tru™ (Roswell, Georgia)

We are located at;
1580 Lytton Springs Road
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Hours of Operation
8:30-5:00PM PST

Open Top Fermenter Covers

Custom Cover Upholstery Inc. can fabricate open top fermenter covers in various colors and materials for any size tank to fit your needs.

Our covers allow easy access to your tank during the fermentation process while protecting your wine from outside pollutants such as animals.