Benefits of Our Covers
Over Plastic Tarps

• Our equipment covers, produced with breathable yet waterproof fabrics, allow moisture to escape through the cover instead of trapping it under a plastic tarp. Moisture can destroy expensive electrical equipment, and can promote mold damage and corrosion.

• Our ten year warranty Sunbrella fabric equipment covers block UV rays from damaging expensive conveyor belts.

• Plastic tarps are ill- fitting, hard to put on, hold water, and tear during windy winter storms.

• Protect your expensive equipment by purchasing easy to use, custom fit covers from Custom Cover Upholstery.

Contact Information

For West Coast Distribution
Custom Cover Upholstery Inc

For East Coast Distribution
Ring Tru™ (Roswell, Georgia)

We are located at;
1580 Lytton Springs Road
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Hours of Operation
8:30-5:00PM PST

Conveyor Press, and Other Equipment Covers

Custom Cover Upholstery Inc. manufactures custom tailored protective covers for all of your winery equipment needs such as conveyors, presses, de-stemmers, control panels, and many other applications.

We use waterproof Sunbrella ® breathable cloth with a ten year warranty. Each cover is reinforced with ballistic nylon sewn into high wear areas.

Every cover produced by Custom Cover Upholstery Inc. uses the highest quality fasteners and materials available.